Creative Catering & Styled Grazing Tablescapes

We are passionate about curating event catering with a difference. Locally based in Melbourne, we are the creatives behind our crowd pleasing high end grazing spreads, suitable for any occasion. With a focus on celebrating our Italian heritage, you can expect nothing less but high quality produce coupled with food design.

Catering Tables & Grazing Platters

Creating a masterpiece with food is what we do BEST! We combine an unbeatable variety of crowd favourites and award-winning products to put together a bespoke table. We pride ourselves on our high-end approach with lots of variety! 

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Grazing platter boxes, with the comfort of delivery near us!

What a delight to hear. The apple, sugar, and candy metaphors are now actually real and not a mere depiction of the state of mind. It is the utmost emotion to celebrate and be content in and around someone, we really love and admire. 

But do we have to actually show it and let them know!

Yes, of course, a Yes!

What is not worth enticing and appetizing in love. Food not only gives a mental stimulation of calmness but the appealing colour therapy and aesthetics also works wonders by just a mere look. Hence it becomes important to not just eat but do fantasize something with those cute gestures as if following someone you have just fallen for. It adds that extra feelings, which makes it emotional and all-embracing. It must not be a guilty pleasure but more than that a wholesome and happy attitude to be with your food, in its aroma, in its beauty and the aficionado with the best-styled grazing boxes especially vegan enough or not to earn overflowing brownie points. 

Still wondering, the best possible treat and a tempting dish by to indulge and enjoy with that special and important one. No need to wait anymore!

The sweet grazing boxes are getting delivered like drops of the rain. We are here to handle your mood swings, your cravings for something sweet and wonderful. For all occasions like Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversaries or New Year, we are ready to accompany your worthy days and even days with lows to add on to the additional touch by offering our sugary, honeyed syrup quotation to your lives in particular.

There is no moment transitory enough, not to celebrate and be grateful for. Then why must not we celebrate it and around any and every part of the day be it in Breakfast, lunch or dinner… or in between connecting dots of snacks. Even getting bored is fun with the Sweet Graze Box, Chocolate Graze box or Dessert Grazing. Pick and choose, as per the requirements and interests, as per seasons, according to which each individual Graze box is curated and customized under that theme, to highly influence and incorporate the consumer behaviour of Melbourne, Australia.

Apart from celebrating the moments, it handles and makes the styling and curating, a lovely process! We can even die for that momentary happiness and glow of your face. Some amazing flavours for our Beautiful, fresh and mouth-watering Grazing boxes are Sweet and salty, Cheesy, mini charcuterie boxes or others. We have many varieties on our list.