Savoury Boxes

Premium Fresh Fruit Box
Italian Panini
Antipasto Grazing Box

The Creative Edit with its best behaviour and offerings incorporated with art to benefit every artist and aesthete, especially the gourmets with pleasing possibilities in infinite Savoury boxes, Grazing boxes and dessert boxes near me, section!.

These hot, flaky packages, Vegemite Toast, Tam-Tam, assorted biscuits and whatnot. All this collectively and on top of it shapes that come in moreish flavours are a must-have at every social gathering or sporting event, even at affairs concerning our daily lives. All the products of our Savoury Boxes of Melbourne are good to go for a full breakfast after a night out, or any other meal in particular. No more, you all are liable for a pick and drop facility because we have now started to deliver the Grazing boxes too, with our SAVOURY BOXES to empower you with the feelings of content and value. Get and fall for our beautifully curated and assorted replenishing appetite to mediate moods, and inhibit desires and fulfilling feelings. The classic Meat Pie with tomato sauce, sausages other popular pies, such as Beef Curry Pie, Butter Chicken Pie, Chicken & Leek Pie, and all other snacks, sweets and the styles and themes of food can just melt in your mouth, even the Vegan ones, the Gluten-free ones etc… then just imagine it having all of it at once.

Till the connoisseur in you turns into a gourmet, we are here happy and willing to offer the best out of the best. Our Grazing Boxes are delivered with a shower of love, overwhelmed, Savoury and salty emotions, directly related to your taste parameters. 

Our gourmet food platter boxes provide the ideal treat for the ultimate gourmet foodies or the person who has everything. 

Know and Order the luscious product line, with us, and let just celebrate!

Grateful enough to get food, or aesthete enough to appreciate the styles, palette, colours, tastes, nutrient value and other artistic flavours to comprehend more easily to the favourable and happy space called life. We are here at the creative edit to offer you the Sweet and Savoury Vegan, Cheesy Creative Graze Boxes for all occasions big or small, like to celebrate your love for Valentine, fathers day, mothers day, Christmas, Easter, New Year for any part of the day be it Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. 

Art can be enjoyed by everybody, and because it is subjective, different art forms appeal to different people. But food is the most basic thing one has, and having it in the perfect setting, with the best collection and substitutes, forming a wholesome meal is the ultimate goal like walking on the cake.

 Evolve the individual's tastes and preferences, carve out and know the intrinsic details about you, to master your desires. Be a little selfish and grab some moments for you, your loving partner, friends and parents. As they are the ones to be valued and celebrated at all levels.

What is a good life apart from good and healthy food, to be grateful for the happy colours we are surrounded by. This has gotta be a good life, this could be a good life, good life

We say! Got this feeling that you can't fight, and thus let’s eat our favourite Snacks in the Savoury boxes tonight!

Let’s Order, Gift and treat your loved ones, business partners and potential intimate relationships and friendships awaiting. All the Aussies especially in and around Melbourne, the Savoury Graze Boxes are waiting to be taken care of!